Which is better: online learning or face to face?

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We’re hearing a lot about online learning currently and its recent prominence has highlighted some of its many advantages. Online learning has been used as an educational tool for decades. When information is presented online, it becomes accessible to those who might have found it difficult to attend classes in person. On the other hand, face to face learning also offers a number of advantages. Collaboration – sharing discoveries and debating questions – is easier, and students are more likely to establish interpersonal relationships. Teachers can also tell more quickly whether students are engaged with the material. Both approaches when presented well appear to be equally effective

In a review of 19 studies, Queens University Belfast found online teaching of clinical skills to nursing students was no less effective than traditional face to face approaches.

One of the most important factors in learning is motivation: whether delegates want to engage with the material . The National University in San Diego and the University of Massachusetts asked more than 4,000 students what they wanted from their course of study. Their top priority, whatever the mode delivery, include relevant and engaging course material, teachers who are able to connect with and motivate students, and a mixture of approaches when delivering course material; especially methods that encourage student- instructor interaction

Whatever the mode of delivery, students want enthusiastic teachers who present interesting material and prioritise student engagement

This is an extract of an article from Linda Blair, clinical psychologist that first appeared in The Daily Telegraph in August 2020

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