Medical Terminology Training

Medicologic Medical Terminology Training

Medicologic are a training company specialising in medical terminology training courses. We provide both face to face training as well as online training modules to professionals, who are not medically trained, but whose day to day work brings them into contact with medical words and phrases.

Our in house courses are used extensively by the insurance, legal, and health care professionals across the UK.

Our medical terminology courses for the legal profession count for 3 or 6 hours of continual professional development, and are accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). Additionally our medical terminology courses for insurance have been used by such companies as Norwich Union and Green Flag.

Our clients know that in selecting Medicologic for their medical terminology training, they are going to be able to benefit from an appropriate level of knowledge, subject familiarity, skill, practice, understanding and know-how in the delivery of medical training courses.

Given the current social distancing requirements, Zoom on line classes are being used as an alternative to teaching in-person. These are shorter and more digestible real time classes with the same live trainer that would normally deliver on site

Why is medical terminology training important?

Medical terminology training courses - medicologic

Face to face courses

Medicologic specialise in the design and delivery of medical terminology training courses to professionals outside of the NHS.

Online training courses

Medicologic is pleased to be working in partnership with Virtual College to deliver on line training.