Why clients choose us

Medicologic - why choose us for your medical terminology training?

Our clients know that in selecting Medicologic for their medical terminology training they are going to be able to benefit from an detailed knowledge, subject familiarity, skill, practice, understanding and know-how in the delivery of medical training courses.

Delivering training to non medical staff requires a rare blend of skills. Specifically, we are selected because our trainers:

  • Hold a recognised medical qualification, satisfying our clients that the training conforms to a degree of quality assurance specific to the relevant professional medical standards and practice.
  • Have a range of medical experience both inside and outside of the NHS and be able to demonstrate a broad professional medical experience including areas such as clinic research and familiarity with medical evidence and reports.
  • Demonstrate a depth of experience in the subject. Complementary to the range of experience, your trainer will demonstrate many years of experience in delivering medical training courses. With time comes experience and confidence both in the subject matter, and also in its delivery.
  • Hold a professional training qualification. It is not sufficient for your trainer to simply draw on the experience of medical experience, it is essential that learning can be imparted both efficiently and effectively. Your trainer will be able to demonstrate specific quality assurance standards through the relevant professional training qualifications (such as the Postgraduate Certificate in Education) in order to validate our ability to meet the standards required of a professional training organisation.
  • Offer evidence of positive feedback. Our clients need the confidence to know that a delegate’s training experience has been positive and worthwhile. One of the best ways of displaying this is through the feedback from both delegates attending the course and client organisations after the course.