NHS training courses

Medicologic - NHS training coursesMedicologic is pleased to be working in partnership with Medical Services Training to deliver a range of NHS training courses.

Medical Services Training run in-house medical terminology training and non-clinical training courses and programmes for up to 15 delegates at a time and also set up open courses in various locations across the UK.

Face to face has been, and still is, very effective because NHS training courses are designed to enable delegates to hear how words and phrases are pronounced. In my experience classroom training remains the more popular and effective method for NHS training because a physical interaction is a better way to retain information, and that dynamic relationships, not only with the trainer, but with other delegates makes for more memorable experiences. The face-to-face element adds an opportunity for delegates to bond and learn from each other and this in turn increases their self-confidence back in the work place.

Face to face communication allows the learning experience to not only be heard but also seen and felt through behaviour such as mannerisms, gestures, tone, language and volume of voice. I employ a few fun learning techniques to recap key points which requires the full attention of the delegate to ‘win’, and these ‘games’ are often a very popular element of my training for that reason. Of course miscommunication and misinterpretation happens in our daily lives, and there’s no better way to check understanding than to ask questions in your own words.

The following NHS training courses are all aimed at those with no clinical training who work in a health care environment or deal with health care professionals

Introduction to Medical Terminology

Intermediate Medical Terminology

Advanced Medical Terminology

Prescription Medicines Explained

Understanding Investigations

Summarising Medical Records and QOF

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In-person training has needed to adapt in this time of social distancing, so is now being delivered in person through Zoom. Zoom allows an easy switch  web cam / screen-share experience. Delegates are still provided workbooks and manuals, and simply join the course via a PC from a location that suits them