Our clients

We provide medical terminology training courses to a variety of professional clients outside the NHS. These include those involved with personal injury claims such as insurance services companies, and personnel employed in industries where a firm grasp of medical terminology is essential, for example medical sales.

Our clients include many well known companies like GlaxoSmithKlien, the General Medical Council and Central Law Training amongst others.

Medicologic - Working with the General Medical Council

The General Medical Council

The GMC registers doctors to practise medicine in the UK. Their purpose is to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public by ensuring proper standards in the practice of medicine. The GMC employ many non medically trained staff who come into contact with medical records. Medicologic were engaged to deliver training to help provide delegates with a broader understanding of medical terminology and related anatomy and physiology. This enabled delegates to develop a basic understanding of medical prefixes, suffixes and abbreviations, as well as learn more about medical conditions/procedures common in medical reports and evidence.

Medicologic - supporting leading providers of leagal professional training. Central Law training and the BPP

Legal Services

Medicologic support both Central Law Training and BPP - both leading providers of legal professional training. The courses are designed not only for experienced lawyers, who specialise in personal injury and clinical negligence claims, but also their support staff, and newly qualified staff moving into this specialisation. Courses generally count for 6 hours of continual professional development, and are accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). Occasionally APIL may monitor events by an assessor attending all or part of the day, or by reviewing course materials to ensure the course meets their standards for continued professional development. APIL’s general philosophy of training is to ensure that there is some kind of interaction on the day, be this through workshops, quizzes or a question and answer session depending on the nature of the event, and that any update courses are fully up to date.

Medicologic - Consultancy Services (Lumley Associates)

Consultancy services

Medicologic supported Lumley Associates, who provide consultancy services in the health, social care and legal sectors and for whom a series of half days courses have been developed to address the medical training needs of these market sectors.
Clients of Lumley Associates include Primary Care Organisations, Health Authorities, Secondary Care Trusts, the Departments of Health and Social Security, the Health and Safety Executive and the Royal College of General Practitioners

The development of an ever expanding client base over the last few years provides demonstrable evidence of Medicologic's ability to design new training courses for non-medical staff at different professional levels. These courses are structured in a way that allows the trainer to progressively build on participant’s skills, and thereby help staff to understand the precise nature of medical terms and expressions.

Medicologic - Working with Green Flag Insurance services


Clients include Green Flag (part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group) and Norwich Union both of whom provide insurance products. Here training has been focused on three groups of staff: Claims Assessors, who are required to make decisions as to the validity of a customer’s claim, and in so doing, are expected to have to deal with letters from medical specialists and various drug reports; Bill Assessors, who are required to understand the nature of various operations and types of drugs that are being invoiced; and Team Coaches, who are expected to be a point of referral for the more complicated or less frequent terms.

Medicologic - Higher education training courses for Leeds Metropolitan University

Further Education

Leeds Metropolitan University identified the fact that the degree courses for undergraduate nurses did not explicitly train future nurses in medical terms. Instead there was an assumption that constant exposure to medical terms would allow undergraduates to absorb their meaning. In order to avoid misunderstanding being passed down, workshops were developed to allow undergraduates to acquire a basic knowledge of prefixes, root words and suffixes and recognise the structure of medical terms and common medical abbreviations.

Medicologic - Supporting GSK by supllying medical terminology courses

Medical sales

Glaxo Smith Kline develop medicines and products that help millions of people around the world, and have estimated seven per cent of the world's pharmaceutical market. Medicologic were pleased to be able to support GSK in their mission by providing medical terminology courses.