QOF and Disease Areas

Medical Terminology Course NHSThe QOF and Disease Areas course is designed to help participants ensure they meet all the QOF criteria when entering data.

QOF register data and prevalence rates are increasingly sought by a variety of people as a source of information on the level of different types of health problems in the population. Prevalence data within the QOF are collected in the form of practice registers. A QOF register may count patients with one specific disease or condition, or it may include multiple conditions. There may also be other criteria for inclusion on a QOF register, such as age or date of diagnosis

NHS England and the UK devolved administrations will use the NICE QOF menu to help decide which indicators are included in the QOF. This NICE menu of QOF indicators is a full list of indicators that have been developed by NICE: https://www.nice.org.uk/standards-and-indicators/qofindicators

This three hour session packages each QOF disease area and the relevant QOF indicators together with related drugs, related tests, risk factors, signs and symptoms and associated terminology.

When this comes together at national level the prevalence of disease areas in the UK becomes much clearer: https://www.gpcontract.co.uk/

Course objectives

The QOF and Disease Areas course will enable participants to:

  • Link disease areas to QOF indicators
  • Link disease areas to associated terms
  • Connect disease areas to generic drugs

This course is delivered through our partners Medical Services Training